Welcome to the INETCO customer support center

The INETCO Customer Support Center is the home for all INETCO software downloads and product documentation. Current INETCO customers can access this password-protected area to find:

  • The latest software patches and product releases for INETCO Insight, POSway, BankLink and Connect
  • The most current INETCO product release notes, getting started guides and installation documentation
  • INETCO customer training, educational customer forums and product-related webcasts

How do I log into the customer support center?

Logging into the customer support center requires the user name and password you received when you made your first purchase. If you have misplaced this information, please contact support.

For more information on our support policies and procedures, read the INETCO Support Terms (PDF). If you have questions, or are interested in upgrading your support policy, contact us.